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Terms of use

In view of my participation in the game “THE CELLAR” of “LAST WISH” I have read and accept the following terms:

I know that the nature of the game I am about to participate in is particularly frightening, and it is a mystery puzzle game with intense physical and mental activity.

I also know that there are:
· Live acting performance.
· Intense sound effects.
· Strobe lights (bright and fast intermittent).
· Reduced visibility at intervals.
· Difficult passages, which offer comfortable clothing for easier access and a straight shoe (not heels).

I declare responsibly that I and my team are in good physical, mental and mental health, have no cardiac or epileptic problems, and have not used alcohol or psychotropic or drug substances prior to joining LAST WISH.

The organizer (“LAST WISH”) has taken into account all the safety and security measures of the players involved, but I expressly and unreservedly declare with responsibility to the other members of my team that I am over 18 and that I am invited to report the above. and the rest of the team that will join me in “THE CELLAR”.

However, I declare responsibly that under no circumstances will I, nor my relatives, turn to or claim against organizers or staff members in the event of material, physical or moral damage due to our participation in this particular game, as long as the organizers fail, however diligently, to prevent any minor accident during my stay at “THE CELLAR”.