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April 1957
The narrow alley of Flynt Street is shaken by a fire. In the cellar of the Benett family cellar, a mother and her two children are confronted with a horrible death. The family’s father, Sam, manages to survive. But nothing like the first …

July 1972
15 years after this tragic incident, three merchants in the area are missing. The community is upset. The information you have collected so far leads you to Flynt Street, in front of the unfortunate Sam’s cellar. Are you brave enough to continue your research?

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– The arrival time is at least 10′ before the game so that it runs smoothly and there won’t be any delays or cancellations!
– One day before your reservation we will call you for confirmation / reminder!
– WARNING: In case you are unable to contact you for a final confirmation of the reservation either by phone or by mail, your reservation may be canceled!


Maxis Analatou 87, Neos Kosmos, ATHENS





Monday – Thursday:  17:00 – 23:30
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